💡 Feedback

Feedback inside of Photoshop and Illustrator...

Receive more concise feedback in the form of comments and annotations directly on your art-boards. Feedback on your designs ensure nothing is missed and makes for quicker more accurate design iterations.

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Seamlessly share designs

Make the process inclusive. Provide clients with access to view the designs and progress, without having to export or have them download software. Clients will receive a unique URL specific to your artwork which they can review.


Specific, more relevant feedback

Received approval? Great! Forget having to export multiple files, choose who you want to send the final files too and we’ll take care of the rest.


Specific, more relevant feedback

Having full visibility of the artwork, clients and colleagues can provide direct feedback on your designs. More specific, feedback eliminates miscommunication and will dramatically accelerate your workflow.

Confusion, elminated. Quicker iteration made possible.

Iterate designs based on feedback without having to leave the comfort of your Adobe platform. Receive a “checklist” style of requests that you can work through an resolve.



Made the necessary iterations? Mark it resolved. We'll notify anyone who needs to be notified of the changes.



Get specific. Mention team members in comments to ask questions, request something or allocate tasks.



Receive real-time notification updates from collaborators ensuring tasks are completed on time.


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