Frequently asked questions?

Is Cooper a separate product to Photoshop or Illustrator? 

👍 Yes and no...Adobe Creative Cloud has a range of extensions and plug-ins that can be installed into Photoshop and Illustrator to extend their functionality. Cooper is an extension, so although it is its own product, it sits inside of and is used within Photoshop and/or Illustrator.

Has Cooper launched before?

👍 Yes, in mid-2019 we launched the very first version of Cooper. We had thousands of designers signup and begin testing the "alpha" version. Since then we've refined the product to better suit designers demands and desires.

Does Cooper work with InDesign?

👍 Unfortunately not at this stage, but we're working on it!

When will Cooper launch?

👍 We're finalising the final development and don't anticipate it to be too long, but at this stage we can't give an exact date.


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